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We are for all communities.
A powerful impact medium that breeds empathy
Kasi-2-Kasi Queer Cinema is an annual celebratory information sharing outreach program.

We aim to screen a variety of LGBTI+ films and documentaries that educate, challenge and reflect the lives of the marginalized communities of our country, continent and the world. The festival aims to portray the richness and diversity of the LGBTI+ Community and culture, its experiences and challenges, with hopes to strengthen societies’ engagement with LGBTI+ community.

Kasi-2-Kasi Queer cinema is not just be a space where only LGBTI+ identifying people meet to discuss films and issues that are important to their community but it’s a space were parents, families, friends and allies of LGBTI+ people will be provided an opportunity to share and learn through participating in film screenings, workshops and discussions

We collaborate with various LGBTI+ organisations and platforms.

We do this in the various communities we visit, to encourage, activate and motivate audiences to participate in the screenings and program.

True Stories

From Real People

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The LGBTI Community

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